Guarantees and Refunds

Product and Service Guarantee

Purchase requests for any iSmart Mobile Marketing products may be placed through the Company’s main online store or under your Brand Partner’s distributor number. Once your order has been placed online, the requests are routed to the Company and received by our Product APP Fulfillment team. The Company’s corporate office handles the tracking of each order, all corresponding payment processing, the deployment and receipt of the products purchased. At no time will payments be processed outside the corporate office or directly by any Brand Partner as they are managed by the Company’s corporate office alone. iSmart Mobile Marketing offers a one hundred percent (100%) 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee to all retail customers. All product APP return refunds will be handled by the Level 9 corporate offices listed below.

Procedures for All Refunds

The following procedures apply to all refunds:

* A copy of the original dated retail sales receipt by a retail customer.

* No refund or replacement product APP will be made if the conditions of these rules are not met.